Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

"Christ Centered Martial Arts has been instrumental to our spiritual growth both in our family and in our daughters life for many reasons, here are a few not in any particular order. We signed Stella up for the Fall of 2018 class at ESCHEL. We decided to get her involved after two years of gymnastics. With her flexibility, Stella quickly progressed. There were many class options, shortly after we started to develop a routine of going one additional night a week, and that progressed into weekend workouts. The weekend workouts and weekly training sessions are packed full of Christ’s teachings and Biblical truth. The students develop a level of respect and discipline that rivals days of old. I remember one of my first sessions I talked to Pastor Goodwin and I had mentioned something about working on teaching respect, he responded with, “Watch how my students demonstrate respect at this practice session and you will see the standard we set.” Pastor Jeff wasn’t joking, I walked away knowing that my daughter was going to learn some things that I knew would be hard to teach on an individual scale. Also what I continually witness is a strengthened relationship with Christ. Christ is proclaimed here and is not shy away from. Discipline, Stella has learned and has perfected martial arts to the 1st degree Black Belt level. Practice for perfection has always been strived for. As parents of three daughters, we wish we’d have known earlier of CMA for them. Last but not least, we have developed great relationships with other families and look forward to meeting more." - Kyle Palmer

"I cannot say enough about what CMA has meant to me and to my son.   Watching him grow in CMA has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Personally, I have learned in CMA to speak openly about my faith in a way I had never been able to do before" - Dr. Todd Arsenault

CMA has been such a blessing to our family!!!  The fact that my kids have learned to defend themselves with truly effective techniques while ensuring Christ is the center of those techniques is an answer to prayer. Sifu Jeff always works to exemplify to my children the love and humility the Bible calls us to have. He models by example a commitment to Christ, perseverance, strength through Christ, kindness, and the humility to fess up to and ask forgiveness for mistakes. The other leaders in CMA exemplify the same Godly characteristics. All of these character traits have been strengthened in my children through CMA.  In addition, they are learning leadership skills in this art as they move up in rank and are now able to share what they have learned with newer students.  My children and I are blessed to have made many cherished friendships through CMA!  --Laurie Blank

"CMA has had a MAJOR influence on my life. When I was younger, I had always seen shows and movies with people in them that did martial arts. I remember asking my parents if I could join something like it. We actually took a look at a place, but it didn't end up working out. A couple of years later my mom told me CMA was coming to the co-op I attended. I immediately said I wanted to do it and soon enough I was in my first class. I have been in CMA for over three years now and have learned and grown so much. Not just in the martial arts but also in my faith. It has made it so much stronger. That is my favorite part of CMA. I never thought you could teach about Christ through the martial arts, but CMA has proven it is way more than possible. I have also made the most amazing friendships I've ever had and I know they will last forever. I am so thankful for CMA and I know God led me to it for a reason. Like it says in Ephesians 1:11, "In Christ we were chosen." - Ellie Ness

"My sister and I joined CMA in September of 2020 via ZOOM. As a new white belt with no experience with martial arts, I had no idea what was going on most of the time, and just did what I was told without really taking it seriously. But then my orange belt test came. It was such a precious experience, from my test I had learned so much, endurance, excellence, etc. Through the CVVT (Christ-centered Virtues, Values, and Traits) training I was pushed to start thinking about what Jesus meant to me, what these Bible verses meant to me, and it lead me to a deeper pondering on God and His word. CMA taught me that as Christians we won't settle for mediocre but constantly striving for excellence, to run with endurance, running to win. Pastor Jerome, Pastor Marty, and Sifu Jeffrey always encouraged us to dig deep beneath the iceberg and discover God; and that's just the spiritual aspects. CMA has such a rich community, you're consistently surrounded by people who strive for excellence, the humblest people, and it's always so joyful yet firm. Through the community I'm always inspired to continue, even when you felt like giving in. CMA is CHRIST-Centered, and are always striving to keep it that way." -Christine Gao

We are so thankful for the influence that Christ Centered Martial Arts has had in our son's life.  He decided to take a chance trying something he hadn't really considered before and has stuck with CMA the last three years, recently earning his black belt, because it has been enjoyable and challenging as well as for the friendships with peers and mentors he has made. He has developed skills and perseverance in martial arts training and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. He has learned to be fit both physically and spiritually.  He has learned by example how to teach and encourage others.  We highly recommend CMA! - Laura

"My life was a lot different before Christ Centered Martial Arts. I was born I was paralyzed on the right side of my face leaving me unable to speak and took many many years to be able to speak, but I’ve always lacked confidence in myself not just with my voice but with everything I do. Then I took a chance and took a class with two of my friends at Christ Centered Martial Artists and I have been there ever since. That helped me find God and God helped me gain confidence and find so many fellow believers. God continues to help me through so many things. CMA also helped me build new friendships and friendships with believers of God. CMA also taught me how to help others and teach. Helping others helped me understand what I was really doing and helped me become a better person. CMA has brought me a better understanding of God and a better understanding of myself."

"Our children joined CMA through the ESCHEL homeschool coop.  Throughout the school year our children have been regularly encouraged of their physical abilities, but even more importantly encouraged of their worth in Christ through regular and practical lessons from God’s word. Because of the encouragement and respectful competitiveness our children never want to miss a practice or workout.  Sifu Jeff is a great teacher, encourager and very knowledgeable of self defense techniques.  My wife and I highly recommend the discipline, encouragement and life lessons that come from CMA!"
Dave and Nikki

"I was in Tae Kwon Do and then Kung Fu in my twenties but had to stop all martial arts due to a hamstring injury. I thought that season in my life was gone forever.  I moved on to other activities and friends didn't even know about my previous training.  A random comment to a friend while eating lunch changed this...I didn't even realize how much I missed it!  CMA brings together faith and a high level of martial artistry. Sifu Goodwin has faced injury himself and has been both patient and wise in dealing with my flare-ups.  He respects my previous training and challenges me to learn and develop new skills." - Karin VeVang

"I believe CMA to be a great tool to equip individuals of all ages and abilities with the discipline of martial arts. The beauty of CMA is it also provides a safe and welcoming community to grow in ones relationship with Christ."   - Pastor Jeff O'Rourke

"I've known Jeff for better than thirty years and consider him to quite literally be the most genuine and honest man I've ever known.  This is largely why my family decided to have the grand-kids attend CMA for martial arts training.  Initially I had some reservations about CMA because our family are not practicing Christians.  The religious aspect of CMA has never proved to be a problem.  The kids love the sport and consider Jeff as a respected teacher and favorite uncle.  CMA means a lot to our family, and we’re glad to be a part of the CMA community." - Joe Guy

Our two children (10 and 11) have been actively involved in Twin Cities CMA for a number of years. Since they started CMA they have grown tremendously under the guidance of Sifu Goodwin. Thanks to Sifu Goodwin and his incredible group of teachers - our children have fantastic physical fitness, fundamental skills they can rely on to protect themselves (if ever need be) and have gained valuable insights from the spiritual portion of their training. As a former athlete and competitor myself I take great pride sending our children to instructors as dedicated to the success, growth and overall happiness of it students as Twin Cities CMA. Look no further - regardless of your faith, ability, strengths or weaknesses -- Twin Cities CMA is an outstanding school for all levels and Faiths. - Amy Kaighen