Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

" I cannot say enough about what CMA has meant to me and to my son.   Watching him grow in CMA has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Personally, I have learned in CMA to speak openly about my faith in a way I had never been able to do before" - Dr. Todd Arsenault

"Our children joined CMA through the ESCHEL homeschool coop.  Throughout the school year our children have been regularly encouraged of their physical abilities, but even more importantly encouraged of their worth in Christ through regular and practical lessons from God’s word. Because of the encouragement and respectful competitiveness our children never want to miss a practice or workout.  Sifu Jeff is a great teacher, encourager and very knowledgeable of self defense techniques.  My wife and I highly recommend the discipline, encouragement and life lessons that come from CMA!"
Dave and Nikki

"I was in Tae Kwon Do and then Kung Fu in my twenties but had to stop all martial arts due to a hamstring injury. I thought that season in my life was gone forever.  I moved on to other activities and friends didn't even know about my previous training.  A random comment to a friend while eating lunch changed this...I didn't even realize how much I missed it!  CMA brings together faith and a high level of martial artistry. Sifu Goodwin has faced injury himself and has been both patient and wise in dealing with my flare-ups.  He respects my previous training and challenges me to learn and develop new skills." - Karin VeVang

"I believe CMA to be a great tool to equip individuals of all ages and abilities with the discipline of martial arts. The beauty of CMA is it also provides a safe and welcoming community to grow in ones relationship with Christ."   - Pastor Jeff O'Rourke

"I've known Jeff for better than thirty years and consider him to quite literally be the most genuine and honest man I've ever known.  This is largely why my family decided to have the grand-kids attend CMA for martial arts training.  Initially I had some reservations about CMA because our family are not practicing Christians.  The religious aspect of CMA has never proved to be a problem.  The kids love the sport and consider Jeff as a respected teacher and favorite uncle.  CMA means a lot to our family, and we’re glad to be a part of the CMA community." - Joe Guy

"My 13-year-old loves CMA, even though I made him sign up for the class. “Our teacher actually cares about us and how well we do, not just running the class like a business, “ says my son. Sifu Jeff is a godly man and a great encourager. My son is always looking forward to going to the class." - Nan Schutz

“CMA is something I look forward to each week. We learn lots of skills in a Christ-centered place. We learn self-discipline and overall have a lot of fun” - Abi (10yr old)

Our two children (10 and 11) have been actively involved in Twin Cities CMA for a number of years. Since they started CMA they have grown tremendously under the guidance of Sifu Goodwin. Thanks to Sifu Goodwin and his incredible group of teachers - our children have fantastic physical fitness, fundamental skills they can rely on to protect themselves (if ever need be) and have gained valuable insights from the spiritual portion of their training. As a former athlete and competitor myself I take great pride sending our children to a instructors as dedicated to the success, growth and overall happiness of it students as Twin Cities CMA. Look no further - regardless of your faith, ability, strengths or weaknesses -- Twin Cities CMA is an outstanding school for all levels and Faiths. - Amy Kaighen

"My son was being bullied at school so I enrolled him in Christ-centered Martial Arts to help him develop the self-discipline and skills that would make him a less likely target at school.  He has much less trouble at school now, and it has also greatly improved his maturity level.  Sifu Jeff and Sifu Destiny have been very good working with him- he has ADD, the inattentive type, and they have been able to work with him when another school said that he was too immature and that they could not.  I also enrolled my niece and nephew because their father passed away two years ago and I wanted them to develop some of the same self-discipline that I have been seeing my son develop so that their mom wouldn't be so overwhelmed.  It has been very helpful to them as well- we are able to use techniques we see used in class to call their attention to the need to listen and obey, which has made keeping them on the straight and narrow significantly easier."  -Ann

"Our friend Jerry Opp recommended The CMA Program under Jeff Goodwin Sr.'s leadership. My son, age 8, David has ADHD with learning disabilities.  My four year old daughter Faith is delayed by a year or two in communication and motor skills.  The fact I could learn Karate too with my kids was the clincher for me.  Also, this program is Bible based with excercise, which is perfect!!!  Many of the other mid-week children's programs are too academic for kids like my son.  Since we have been going, my kids are overcoming their disabilities as well as progressing in all areas of development.  I do not have the behavior or emotional issues that I had before we started.  Now, Faith is done with Physical therapy, and is doing very well in Occupational therapy.  Our pediatrician could not believe the growth Faith has accomplished in all areas.  She commented that she is not the same girl.  Two yeArs ago, we were told Faith was on the Autism spectrum.  Recent tests showed only delays, no Autism.  This program has made an eternal lasting difference in both of my children.  David can quote John 3:16 by heart.  Faith can do parts of it.  She attempts to answer questions during Karate.  For me, I am able to be involved with my kids and build more of a relationship with them and get excercise too!!!  I am hopeful the progress will continue as we continue with this very unique program.  It is very unique because it is a smaller group and Christ centered.  Most Martial Arts focus on other religions and things I did not want my kids to learn.   I hope your experiences are as enriching as it has been for my family. Thank you, in Christ." -Dawn Olson

A philosopher once said that a man is not what he is in a moment but what he has been the whole time you have known him. In my life I have found that to be a true statement and have often watched not just a person, but their family and friends.
What I have seen for character traits and beliefs coming from the instructors of CMA starts back before I was involved, back when I got to know Sifu Goodwin on a personal level and had no interest in joining CMA. I have watched and witnessed that he not only tries to do what's right and tries to live out what is right and what he believes, but have also seen this in action with his own family.
I have had personal problems where he would simply be there for me and speak with me during dark times in my life. I have seen and watched as he worked through dark times in his life. Regardless of if I was actively in CMA or needed to drop out for personal reasons, Sifu Goodwin didn't stop talking to me or look down on me, but rather listened and encouraged me and pointed out, using logic and sound reasoning, the benefits of CMA.
His children have been kind to me as well and when my health was poor and I was in pain, his kids would offer to get me food or drink at church events so I didn't have to get up and move around. This kind and humble attitude included Sifu Destiny.
Over the years I have been in class with several of his children and have watched as he held them to the same standards as everyone else especially when it came to testing and class behavior. I have spoken with his children many times and have respect for him and them because they are not arrogant, self-centered or egotistical.
Sifu Goodwin also has a heart for the people he knows. I have come across several different black belts who have really turned me off to any martial art because of the attitude and condescension displayed towards others. Sifu Goodwin works with every rank while maintaining a clear hold on being the head of the school and instructing all ranks on how to properly address each other and instructors.
In short my reasons for supporting Sifu Goodwin with CMA are personal, faith based and because of the ability and willingness he has to work with all ranks. I highly recommend anyone remotely interested to simply come and watch a few classes. Those who join and stick it out earn a wealth of disciplines that can be applied to virtually every area of life

Jerry Opp