Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Sifu Joshua Petry 1st Degree Black Belt (CMA Dan #1-10) - Assistant Instructor for Beacon and Tag Homeschool Co-ops


Sifu Josh is one of my best Black Belts ever! He is very knowledgeable and forged his mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude in the fires of training. Sifu Josh is one of the most humble young men I have ever met. His cheerful readiness to help the other students and I is a gift from above.

Sifu Josh started his journey in CMA four years ago, working his way up from White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt. On his journey into BE!-coming a Christ-centered Martial Artist he earned many awards including two CMA Leadership Awards.

Sifu Josh is powerful in his technique during sparring and other activities of CMA including breaking. He has an excellent base knowledge of CMA techniques and martial artistry that he communicates and demonstrates so effectively to his Juniors.

Josh said this about what he likes about CMA training: "Participating in CMA has been one of the most influential activities to help me grow in my faith in Jesus Christ.  It has enabled me to love God with my whole being and to love others as myself.  It has given me opportunities to obey the Great Commission more fully. CMA is led by an instructor with genuine, Christ-like love for his students. I’ve met so many great friends by participating in the program.  In CMA, some of the aspects I really enjoy include breaking boards, holding for breaking, sparring, helping with teaching others, and sharing what I’ve discovered.  Another benefit of participating in CMA for me has been gaining a lot more physical flexibility over the past four years."

Outside of CMA, Josh has kept busy with other sports during junior high and high school including playing soccer, basketball and working out with his dad at Title I Boxing.  He has been a member of a robotics team for four years through First Lego League and more recently First Tech Challenge. He has volunteered as a leader-in-training with an AWANA preschool program and as a junior worker and assistant camp counselor at Living Word Bible Camp. He has worked part-time as an apprentice for his dad’s construction company and as a team member at Chik Fil A.  Josh plays classical, acoustic, and electric guitar and has been a member of a guitar ensemble for several years. In his spare time he likes to tinker with electronics/3D printing/3D design/drawing,  He also really enjoys making people laugh.

You will enjoy learning from Sifu Josh! We are so blessed to have him as one of our Instructors.