Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Sifu Stella Morgan Palmer 1st Degree Black Belt Assistant Instructor - North Presbyterian Church (CMA Dan #1-9)

Sifu Stella M. Palmer is our Assistant Instructor at the North Presbyterian Church CMA School in North St. Paul, MN. She is also the youngest in a family of three girls. Her parents are Kyle and Tisha Palmer. 

Sifu Stella is Home Schooled, and she attends school at Mid Metro Academy in St. Paul, MN. 

She has been in CMA since September of 2018.  Sifu Stella also has been teaching for about two years every week, and she loves it! She told us, "I love kids, I have been around them my whole life. One of my favorite parts of CMA is the teaching, I love watching the Students grow and understand the concepts that we're teaching." She is an excellent Instructor who has an amazing positive attitude and constant smile on her face at EVERY class!!! Her smile is most contagious! 

Sifu Stella has trained vigorously throughout her tenure with CMA. 2021 was a most important year of training for her because she was training for her 1st Degree Black Belt - Instructor Grade. She trained more, taught more, and was selected as the first of five other Dan Candidates to test for Black Belt in 2021. She consistently scored the highest on her Christ-centered Virtues, Values, and Traits testings at various ranks, especially Brown Belt. She was selected as Student of the Year twice since she joined CMA. Sifu Stella is a DEFINER of CMA!

Sifu Stella was also in ballet and gymnastics, both for two years. She enjoys

horseback riding, swimming, and soccer.

We are most grateful to Sifu Stella for her commitment to excellence in both Teaching and training.