Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

CMA Weekend Workouts!

CMA Weekend Workouts (WW) are fun, dynamic, and comprehensive training events! Enjoy the majestic beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior, or a MN State Park as we camp out in tents or cabins. Become engrossed in the ambiance of the great outdoors as you build your Christ-centered character.

Every year we schedule 2-4 Weekend Workouts in MN. In 2019, we have scheduled three on the North Shore of Lake Superior (see the websites Calendar months of June, July, and August)! These events are for the serious students of ages 8 and older. Parents are welcome to come and camp with us. We will train on all areas of our Christ-centered Martial Arts, but have the advantage of saturating these areas in the ambiance of the great outdoors! Learn our dynamic basics of kicks, hand strikes, self defense, sparring, board breaking, and forms on diverse surfaces and climates. Take advantage of the saturation of learning Christ-centered Virtues, Values, and Traits while taking a weekend break from all electronics and distractions. Pray and read the Word along Lake Superior or one of its raging rivers and find a peace that is hard to describe!

Generally, we meet at the Twin Cities CMA location at the Great Hope Community Church parking lot and caravan it up to the WW campgrounds or hotel. Often, due to varying work schedules, students will drive up later on the first day to join us for a robust dinner and fellowship around a roaring fire. The WWs are generally scheduled from a Friday morning for those who can get it off from work and who want an early start and special classes that the time affords. We will then conduct workouts along the North Shore throughout the weekend, and maybe take in a brisk swim in the big lake or at a river area! The Weekend concludes on a Sunday and we return to the Great Hope Community Church at approximately 5:30 PM. 

Food is provided for a cost of $35.00 per person. Or, we may have a great pizza, or a pan seared trout lunch (everyone contributes $$$ for this) in Grand Marais on a Saturday! Details and an Agenda are provide in advance for each student and parents.

The cost of the WW varies from $125.00 if you pay within two weeks of the WW; $100.00 if you pay before two weeks of the WW; and special discounts are given for multiple students of one family. Campsites or hotel reservations and costs are the responsibility of the participants.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from and throughout the WW. The Teacher Grade Master Instructor must be informed of any special diets and food allergies, as well as any medical conditions that may not be conducive to the terrain and intensity of the WW. Some of the terrain is rugged and not suitable for everyone. We will accommodate everyone as much as possible for the scheduled events, but some may need to be forfeited due to the above constraints.Time off for site seeing and even hiking or swimming may be provided but are to be done at your own risk and responsibility.

A "To Bring List" will be provided ahead of time so you will know what to bring. Contact information will also be provided. Please be advised that many areas where WWs are conducted are out of the range of cell towers, so it may be difficult to reach us during the day.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Pastor Jeff Goodwin, Sr via email or at (763) 202-9908.

We'll see you up north this summer!

In Christ!