Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Welcome to Twin Cities CMA!

Keira J. breaks a "cast-iron board!"

Sammy T. performs the 1st Fundamental Sequence!

Sifu Jeffrey performs 2nd Fundamental Sequence Form!

Sammy T. performs the 3rd Fundamental Sequence!

Ailin T. performs the 4th Fundamental Sequence!

Sifu Ella performs the 5th Fundamental Sequence!

Anne T. performs Sifu Dave Sorvig's Tiger Form!

Sifu Jeffrey performs 1st Set!

Sifu Jeffrey performs 2nd Set!

Sifu Ella performs "Vanquish and Overcome."

Keira J. performs her Black Belt Form, Mu Hu Hu Zai!

Stella P. performs her Black Belt Form!