Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Sifu Anne Tse 1st Degree Black Belt Assistant Instructor - FAITH Co-op CMA (CMA Dan #1-10)

Sifu Anne Tse is our Assistant Instructor at the FAITH Co-op CMA School in North St. Paul, MN.  She is also Home Schooled, and attends the Faith Co-op. 

She has been in CMA since September of 2018.  Sifu Anne is one of our top Students and Black Belts. While coming up through the ranks below Black Belt, Sifu Anne was awarded the CMA Student of the Year, our Dave Sorvig Award (twice!), and the Student of Month. These awards require a commitment to excellence that excels the norm. Her martial spirit, focused-intent, tenacity and Martial Artistry are an Example of CMA. Her Faith in our Lord and Savior is authentic and real, and contagious to those around her.

Sifu Anne has assisted with teaching adults and kids for about two years. She told us, "I teach CMA because I love children (I have four younger siblings!) and I am immensely rewarded both by the privilege of showing them Christ's love and by seeing determined kids persevere and grow in the art as I did. It's also a way of "giving back" to all those who helped me come up in the ranks when I was younger! I want to do my best in teaching the skills and truths that I learned so that whether students become very proficient in martial arts or not, they will have experienced Jesus and have a grounded personal relationship with Him that directly affects their daily lives. 

My home church is T4C and I often lead worship there for the youth group and English congregation. I also love playing and listening to music, sketching and playing various sports (not at all skillfully) with my friends."

Sifu Anne is a DEFINER and an EXAMPLE of CMA! We are most grateful to Sifu Anne for her commitment to excellence in both teaching and training.