Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Pastor and Sigung Jeff Goodwin, Sr 
CMA Senior Examiner - Teacher Grade

Since 1973, I trained in various martial arts earning a 8th Degree Black Belt - Master Level in CMA; a 5th Degree Black Belt - Master Level in Zu Wei Shu Kenpo; a 3rd Degree Blue Belt - Internationally Certified Instructor in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan; and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Chuan Lu Chinese Boxing. I have taught many students for over 45 years ranging from 4-76 years of age. I competed locally, regionally, nationally, and in 1982, placed 4th in international competition on the USA Forms Team in Atlantic City, NJ. 

CMA is the collaborative efforts between myself and the late Reverend, Sifu, & Dr. Charles Jackson (my Teacher, Pastor, & dearest Friend) to develop this Christ-centered martial art. Hundreds of hours were used to base CMA on Jesus’ teachings, and not that of another eastern religion. Through these efforts, CMA codified all aspects of the mental, physical, and spiritual training into our unique style of Christ-centered martial arts. 

I also retired from a successful 18 year career of Loss Prevention. I retired as a corporate Loss Prevention Director. 

Now, I am blessed to have received the Lord’s call to Ministry, and in 2015 I BE!-came a District Licensed Nazarene Pastor, presently working as an Associate Pastor in Blaine, MN.

It is not my power or strength that produces any success for me, however. Rather, it is the Lord “who gives us the ability to produce wealth.” I boast of Him and nothing else! Long before either of these careers, I fervently sought the Truth! Jesus Christ is Truth! Thus, I teach & “…preach Christ crucified: Christ the power of God & the wisdom of God.

Pastor, Doctor, Sifu & Senior Examiner/Evaluator Charles E. Jackson (CMA Dan #1-2) September 6, 1933 - May 29, 2013 

From Pastor Jackson's own words and some of my editing: "As I look back, being raised in the parsonage, living under the scrutiny of a watchful church, life was not always sunshine and roses.  In those days, holy living was more judgmental.  The church appeared more interested in what we did outwardly rather than what our internal relationship with Christ was.

At the age of eight, I had an experience with Christ.  I asked for forgiveness of my sins, although my knowledge of such was very limited, and I wondered why there was such a fuss.  Just accept Christ and let His love come in and serve Him and follow Him, I thought.

As my teen years unfolded, two things happened that would almost cost me the experience of holiness in later life.  First, I did not pay attention to what the writer to the Hebrew wrote in Hebrews 12:2, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith….” Because of what I had been taught about this set of strict rules, I began to encounter attacks from the Devil, and to question the rules. I didn’t pay attention, as Hebrews 2:1-2 admonishes, and began to drift away, making excuses and blaming others.

I rebelled from God, the church, and religious people.  Many experiences happened after that which further drove me away.  At that time the Korean War was raging.  I enlisted in the United States Navy.  Forgetting many of the holy ways of living, I entered boot camp and from there was sent to a ship embarking for Korea. I began a further gradual slide away from holiness.  During the war, hate and apprehension set in.  I started to indulge in things that I do not care to mention here. Playing music every night with cigarettes, and booze, my Christian experience went down and down.

I re-enlisted in the Navy over and over, and found myself on an aircraft carrier entering the Vietnam War in the early 1960s. I was selected to be a CWO (Chief Warrant Officer). Then, in 1970, I was transferred to a billet in the country of Vietnam.  My official duty was finally assigned, and I became the assistant repair officer of a repair base servicing PCF’s, Whec Junks, and other diesel boats.

Various reasons caused me to further abandon my childhood religious beliefs.  (It is remarkable, when you begin to drift, how far down you can go.) Looking back, I believe because I had a praying father, mother, and wife who prayed to God for my well-being, God heard their prayers.

As I was preparing to leave Vietnam, two things happened that some how, some way, had a bearing on my road back to Christ.  First, I was taking my luggage to Saigon to be shipped home.  Another sailor and I were driving down the road toward Saigon when a firefight ensued off to our right. We accelerated and off we went.  All the time, I was praying, “Lord, help me get out of here and I will serve you”.  I was thinking, “I have been here a year and am ready to go home, and now I get killed!”  Second, Our flight back to the United States was greatly challenged. As we taxied out to the main runway, a mortar attack began on the base.  The pilot came on the intercom and said, “Hang on guys, we’re going straight up out of here.  I’m going to floor-board it.”  As we flew down the runway, we could see the mortar rounds hitting off to the right.  Up, up, up, we went in a hurry.  The engines were screaming and straining as we soared into the sky.  (My thought all the time was:  “I’m leaving Vietnam and now they’re going to get me before we get off the ground.”) I was released from the United States Navy and would stay in a ready status, until 1981 when I was completely discharged with a combined total of 30 years service.

After returning from Vietnam, I took a position as Chief Engineer of a hospital in Idaho. The personnel director who hired me was a lady, and my wife and I became good friends with her and her husband. He was a pilot who flew a single engine plane. One day, he returned to the airport, stopped the plane, put the nozzle of the fuel hose in the tank and fell over dead.  This would not have any significance to many people, but to me, it had great impact.  You see, on a lonely road in Vietnam, with bullets flying all around me, I told God “if You will get me out of here, I will serve you.”  When this man fell over dead, God said to me, “This could have been you.”  What an impact that had on me.  After almost 27 years of running and turning from God, the fact that He would even speak to me was overwhelming.

On a certain Sunday in a Baptist Church, I accepted Christ into my life, knowing little at that time about what was in store for me.  The job at the hospital was very stressful.  Things were not going well for my family, and I was ready to give up, when a still, small voice said, “College, Christian Service.”  My first reaction was, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  My age, my family, my… but God said “Go!”  So I went.  I enrolled in Northwest Nazarene College expecting only to get an Associate Arts degree in some area of Christian service.  However, in conference with Dr. Laursten DeBois, my mind was stimulated and I stayed 3 ½ years, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education." (Later, Pastor Jackson earned his Doctorate in Theology!)

"One morning as I was reading the Bible, as clear as a bell, the words of John 21:15-18 jumped off the page to me.  “Feed my lambs.”  “Take care of my sheep.”  “Feed my sheep.”  These words gave me the direction that I sought.  I knew they were real, because within three weeks, I had a call to three different churches (one of which was in another denomination). What do I do now?  

You must realize that I was a pastor, saved, sanctified (spirit filled).  Yet I felt I should confess to Christ that I wasn’t exactly where I should be.  What an awakening.  My mind began to wander---(I’m sure the Devil helped out).  Was I really Spirit filled---could I be backslidden?  Deep down, though, I knew that His Spirit witnessed with my spirit (Rom. 8:16) that I was a child of God.

All of a sudden the scripture in 1 John 1:9—2:1 came to me.  “My little children---do not sin---but if you do sin you have immediate access to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ” (my translation).  Great confusion began to come in.  My mind fogged over.  Is it possible for a sanctified (Spirit filled) individual to sin? I know what the theologians write in their big books. Although never a stated doctrine, a person was somehow led to believe that Spirit filled people didn’t sin.  They just made mistakes, had infirmities, or some other excuse. After many hours of study in God’s Word, prayer and in consultation with other learned Bible students, I have come to believe that we can be filled with the Spirit of God, and that His Spirit will lead and guide us in our lives every moment of every day.

Yet, often Spirit filled people who classify their actions as mistakes or excuses, appear not to be responsible for their actions.  The mind is often engaged without the spiritual heart being involved. With these thoughts in mind, I wrote a book about a way to be responsible in every action of life.  I call this The Confessional Life of a Spirit-filled Believer.” 

The Blessed Meeting of a Sinner, a Godly Man, and the Holy Spirit!

It was God’s unsurpassable Love that led me, Jeff Goodwin Sr, to meet the Reverend and Dr. Charles E. Jackson in Nampa, Idaho in the mid-1980’s. Little did I know that he would become my Teacher AND closest Friend in all my life; AND in 2009, be awarded the rank of Senior Examiner - Black Belt Teacher Grade (CMA Dan #1-2)! No man has ever affected my life and ministry so righteously as Pastor Jackson so lovingly accomplished. Thank God he was such a devoted Christ-centered man! It was his priceless servant-heart, focused-intent of discipling, consistent love and teaching of the Holy Bible, that made me hunger and thirst for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jackson baptized my oldest son Jeffrey Jr in 1992 in Nampa, Idaho. We became acquaintances after that until traumatic events hit my life and “knocked me down” to deepest depression and despair in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I flew out to Nampa, Idaho to visit my mother, Charlotte Goodwin, who set up a meeting with Pastor Jackson and I. My mom informed Pastor Jackson of what had happened and recommended I talk with him. I was expecting the Pastor to feel sorry for me and offer a prayer, especially for someone “such as me who was so involved in his church” (oh boy!). But, when I met Pastor Jackson, he greeted me with a strong hand shake and an immediate question that hit me between the eyes and humbled me! He looked right through me and asked, Did you honor God, yet!?  I stumbled and stated, “Honor God? What? What do you mean?” The door to Jesus Christ was opened wide thereafter! That day, and many days thereafter, we spoke for hours as Pastor Jackson peeled away the layers to my Self, one layer after another. I met with him several more times and I discovered that Christ loves me and always has; that he died for my sins; that I should honor God with my life; and so much more. I learned about becoming and being Spirit-filled! 

I continued to meet with him on so many trips to Idaho and over the phone; and he taught me that I should honor God with my life; and so much more. I learned about becoming and being Spirit-filled! God bless this man!

Pastor Jackson quickly ascertained that I was a dedicated martial artist of many years and discussed it in depth with me. He constantly referred to scriptures regarding any “pearls of wisdom” that the martial arts alleged. With any “pearls” that I stated, he quickly magnified with scripture beyond anything I understood before. The Spirit was invited in and took up residence in me! Pastor Jackson urged that whatever I teach we center “it” on Jesus’ teachings. Now CMA truly took root!

The Holy Spirit used this bond between Pastor Jackson and I to continue the process of CMA becoming Christ-centered. After hundreds of hours of biblical research and prayerful study, CMA BE!-came a Christ-centered martial art because of Pastor Jackson’s tireless mentoring on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As I grew to know him, I realized his faith was second to none! This man was BE!-ing-an-Example that defined BE!-ing a Christ-centered man! 

Pastor Jackson and I communicated daily via cell phones. Daily he counseled, encouraged, and challenged me. We began working intensely on projects involving centering the martial arts on Jesus Christ and His teaching. It was a marvelous time of growth and vision centered on the Lord. Pastor Jackson stressed the scripture of Matthew 6:33 (NLT): Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Everything we worked on was centering the CMA Requirements on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I sought the Kingdom and found it!

The crowning point to all of the spirit-storming and spiritual training was in 2005 when my 12 year old son, Jeffrey Goodwin Jr, completed 6 months of testing for the Adult Level 1st Degree Black Belt. Back then, we called Christ-centered Martial Artists by a different name - “Christian Martial Arts.” But when Jeffrey completed his “Presentation” for 1st Degree Black Belt,” and because of his exemplary Christ-centeredness as a Christ-centered Martial Artist, Pastor Jackson and I changed the name of the school to Christ-centered Martial Artists! He scored an “eleven!!!” out of ten! The required 400+ word essays that was required of Jeffrey turned into a 38 page dissertation… of course with a little help from his Dad! I bow humbly to this young 12 year old who Presented at the Adult Level, exceeded all of our expectations, and scored so high! Jeffrey Jr defined BE!-ing-an-Example for all of the Dans, Gups, and Pastors!

As I grew to know Pastor Jackson, I realized his faith was second to none! This man was BE!-ing-an-Example that defined BE!-ing a Christ-centered man! What a blessing to all who met him. His actions mirrored his teaching and his preaching. Truly, he led a most godly life serving the Lord. The Instructors and Teachers of CMA bow humbly to Chuck. We most deeply thank Pastor Jackson for his loving-kindness and generosity involving those countless hours of priceless analysis, tutelage, prayer, and resources to center CMA on the Gospel. His loving direction and encouragement fostered creative discipleship!

The Lord brought Chuck Home on May 29, 2013. Those of us that were privileged enough to know him truly miss him, but realize that we will meet him on the Golden Streets of Heaven someday! Godspeed my beloved Friend... 

Pastor and CMA Evaluator Jerome D. Hamilton Jr

Pastor Hamilton and his son, Caleb, joined CMA at the Faith Co-op CMA Kwoon (School) in 2020. He is happily married to Crystal Hamilton, and has four children. CMA is blessed that he became a certified CMA Evaluator shortly thereafter.

Pastor Hamilton graduated from Morehouse College, Georgia Tech, University Detroit Mercy, & Harvard Business AMP. 

Pastor Hamilton is currently the Senior Pastor at Living Faith Gospel Tabernacle Church, in  Coon Rapids, MN.

He is also currently the General Partner Brown Venture Group.

Pastor Hamilton has had an impressive business background that includes: Past CEO Open Therapeutics; Senior Vice President of Global Operations-Stratasys; General Manager Masking Surface Protection Business 3M; Past Vice President Lean Six Sigma, Acquisition Integration, & Corporate Quality 3M; and the Plant Manager Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant.

Pastor Hamilton enjoys reading (first & foremost my bible), martial arts, bike riding, & spending quality time with my family.

We are truly blessed to have him as a CMA Evaluator. Thank you Pastor Hamilton!

Pastor and CMA Evaluator Martin James Bownik

Pastor Marty joined CMA with his daughter, Moriah, at the Twin Cities CMA Kwoon (School) in 2020. He has been an answered prayer to our schools!

He is happily married to his wife, Tricia, for 21 years. He has two children,  has two  children, Moriah and Eliyanah.
Pastor Marty has  a Masters Degree in Pastoral Leadership. He has been a Senior Pastor for  the past 18 years. He has also been teaching and preaching for the past 30 years.

He left the business world in 2003 to plant a Church (The EDGE Christian Fellowship in Rogers MN). 

Pastor Marty also traveled to Egypt, Israel, Bosnia, and the Dominican Republic on Missions trips.

I also held a national broadcast  debate with the head of the world wide ashiest society on the problem of pain

Pastor Marty and Tricia are currently helping me with editing and publishing my CMA book, "BE!-coming a Christ-centered Martial Artist."

Their family is an answered prayer to CMA. and a most welcomed addition to our ranks!