Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

Pastor and Sigung Jeff Goodwin, Sr 
CMA Senior Examiner - Teacher Grade

Since 1973, I trained in various martial arts earning a 8th Degree Black Belt - Master Level in CMA; a 5th Degree Black Belt - Master Level in Zu Wei Shu Kenpo; a 3rd Degree Blue Belt - Internationally Certified Instructor in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan; and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Chuan Lu Chinese Boxing. I have taught many students for over 44 years ranging from 4-76 years of age. I competed locally, regionally, nationally, and in 1982, placed 4th in international competition on the USA Forms Team in Atlantic City, NJ. 

CMA is the collaborative efforts between myself and the late Reverend, Sifu, & Dr. Charles Jackson (my Teacher, Pastor, & dearest Friend) to develop a Christ-centered martial art. Hundreds of hours were used to base CMA on Jesus’ teachings, and not that of another eastern religion. Through these efforts, CMA codified all aspects of the mental, physical, and spiritual training into our unique style of Christ-centered martial arts. 

I also retired from a successful 18 year career of Loss Prevention. Now, I am blessed to have received the Lord’s call to Ministry, and in 2015 I BE!-came a District Licensed Nazarene Pastor, presently working as an Associate Pastor in Merrifield, MN.

It is not my power or strength that produces any success for me, however. Rather, it is the Lord “who gives us the ability to produce wealth.” I boast of Him and nothing else! Long before either of these careers, I fervently sought the Truth! Jesus Christ is Truth! Thus, I teach & “…preach Christ crucified: Christ the power of God & the wisdom of God.

Pastor and CMA Evaluator Frank Tiller

I was born and raised in the small town of Hartsville, SC (population of 5000 people). After HS graduation I entered the US Air force to avoid being drafted by the Army. After 4 years I left the Air Force because I felt God’s call on me to enter the ministry. I left the Air Force and moved to Colorado Springs to attend the Nazarene Bible College. While there I met my wife. After graduation from NBC the Lord led my wife and I to start an inner-city church. It was very successful, but the salary was very low and we struggled financially. My wife had our first child while in this ministry. The economy at this time was unbelievably bad and I needed to support my family. To provide a future for my family and I re-entered the US Air Force and spent the next 16 years until I retired in 1993. After retirement from the Air Force, and still feeling the call of God for ministry, I entered Crown’s College and then entered a graduate program at Bethel seminary and graduated with a MDiv in 1999. While attending seminary I pastored two churches, one in Sandstone, MN and another in Mora, MN. After that I became an associate pastor at SonLight Church of the Nazarene in Blaine, MN. Feeling God’s call to be a senior pastor again I pastored a church in Miller, SD and retired from the pastorate on June 1, 2019.

Knowing that God was not done with me yet, I felt the Lord leading me to work in the CMA ministry along with Pastor Jeff Goodwin. I had worked in this ministry prior before moving to SD. I am an avid Bible teacher and teach a class on Thursday nights plus I supply pulpits as needed. I am now a CMA Evaluator for all of the CMA Schools.