Twin Cities CMA

Christ-Centered Martial Artists

CMA Forms:

Forms, also known as Sequences or patterns, are one method of martial arts instruction.  A Form simulates a fight situation against multiple opponents.  Each Form has a history of its own.  Some CMA Forms draw heavily on Tang Soo Do basics, while and others draw heavily on Zu Wei Shu Kenpo.  Some are blends of both styles. Some Forms are created for and by CMA.

Each Form teaches new concepts such as angles, dodging, spin kicking, and soft style blocking.  Forms are organized into sequences.  A sequence is generally a block and counter, i.e. Low Block and 2 punches in first fundamental sequence. Sometimes there are 1-2 second pauses between sequences. Target areas are defined by your height, i.e. a punch to the solar plexus should be the height of your solar plexus while in the specified stance.

Once a Form has been learned, it is the student's responsibility to maintain that Form.  Occasionally students will be given a Form beyond those used for the group.  This is an honor and privilege to the Student from the Senior Examiner - Teacher Grade (Master).

You are also responsible for performing each Form at a rank appropriate level.  A White Belt may score a 9 for CMA's 1st Fundamental Sequence Form; where a Purple Belt doing a similar form might be scored a 6.  As you progress in CMA, the progress is reflected in all Forms, current or previous.