BE!-coming a Christ-centered Black Belt! BE!-coming a Christ-centered Black Belt! Master Vinnie Howard, Sifu Jeff Goodwin, Sr, Jonathan, & future Sifu Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr 2003 Purple and Brown Belt Test - 2003 198539059 CMA at Master Vinnie's Kwoon (School) 2002 198539060 198539062 New Beginners - The Cartony's 198539063 Best Friends... 1980: Master Dave Sorvig (1-4) & Sifu Jeff Goodwin, Sr 198539064 Centering everything on Jesus Christ! 2004 The Reverend & Doctor Charles Jackson & Sifu Goodwin, Sr meet in Nampa, Idaho for many hours to center CMA on the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. 198539079 CMA Gup Test - 2004 Students testing @ Great Hope Church of the Nazarene in White Bear Lake, MN 198539065 CMA Class - 2004 198539066 The Goodwins' Sparring Testing in 2004 @ Great Hope Church of the Nazarene in White Bear Lake, MN 198539067 CMA Sparring in the Park 2003 Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr & Kyle Johnson sparrting. 198539068 "Hang Time!" Amanda Johnson & Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr spar in the Park (2003). Jeffrey executes a Flying Round House Kick to Amanda. 198539069 "Humility..." The Goodwins bowing before sparring. 198539070 Learning 'brotherly love" via Sparring... Jonathan & Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr sparring 198539071 Roundhouse! 198539072 Hook-Kick! 198539073 Forms in the Park - 2004 Jonathan Goodwin performs his Form. 198539074 Gup Test in the Park - 2003 198539075 Jonathan Goodwin in 2003 198539076 Drilling on Basics - 2003 198539077 BE!-coming Christ-centered martial artists! 198539078 Hungering and thirsting for righteousness! Pastor Chuck reveals non-Christian teaching in some martial arts; then amplifies the Truth in the Holy Bible! 198539080 God-Sent... The Lord placed Dr. & Pastor Chuck Jackson directly in the path of Sifu Goodwin's journey of complete surrendering to Jesus Christ. 198539081 Spirit-Storming on CMA in Nampa, Idaho The Reverend & Doctor Charles Jackson & Sifu Goodwin, Sr spirit-storm in Nampa, Idaho for many hours fixing their hearts and eyes on Jesus Christ their Lord & Savior. 198539082 How big is your God? 198539083 If God is for you, who can be against you? 198539084 Jonathan Goodwin defines Jr. BE!-comers in Christ! Jonathan demonstrates a 1 Step Sparring Technique during his test as a CMA Jr. BE!-comer in Christ. 2003. 198539085 BE!-coming... Future Sifu Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr (1-1) executes an Inside/Outside Kick on his dear Friend & training partner Kyle Johnson. 198539088 Practicing-to-Perfect! Future Sifu Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr (1-1) executes an Outside/Inside Kick. 198539089 Side Snap to the Head! After thousands of reps doing the Side Snap Kick with an attitude of "Practice to Perfect," future Sifu Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr (1-1) executes this Kick during One Step Sparring. 198539090 Intermediate position of a punch... Jonathan Goodwin performs his Form during his Purple Belt Test in 2003. 198539091 Belt Test in 2003 198539092 Defining Horse Stance! Jeffrey defines Horse Stance Punching during his test for 3rd Gup Brown Belt. His performance of this Tiger Form (originally mastered by Sifu David Sorvig [1-3]), and as a leader of our classes, his demonstration of Christ-centeredness, his execution of 9.0 - 9.5 basics throughout his Test, his consistent attitude of the CMA concept "Practice-to-Perfect" all led to him receiving a rare "jump" to a higher rank (from 4th Gup to 2nd Gup)! Congratulations Sifu Jeffrey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for BE!-ing an example! 198539093 198539299 The Goodwins 198539094 CMA Weekend Workouts Christ-centered Virtues, Values, & Traits classes were experienced during a 2004 Weekend Workout held in a beautiful campground near the Twin Cities. 198539095 Sunday Morning Sermon Pastor Terry Hancock performs a Sunday morning sermon at the 2004 CMA Weekend Workout. 198539096 Advanced Ranks Belt Test Jeffrey Goodwin, Jr performs his form during his 1st Gup Test at Great Hope Church in White Bear Lake, MN. Pastor Terry Hancock looks on. 198539097 Jr. BE!-comers Testing Lizzie & Jonathan perform One Steps in 2004 at their Test. 198539099 Refining... Jeffrey & Kyle forge their One Steps during intense training on the North Shore of Lake Superior. 198539100 The CMA Demonstration Team Green Belt Sophea Goodwin demonstrates Round House Kick during a demonstration of CMA. Sifu Jeffrey run the demo (age 12). 198539101 Practicing a One Step Jeffrey & Kyle forge their One Steps during intense training on the North Shore of Lake Superior. 198539102 BE!-coming a CMA 198539103 Our Authority and Teaching Manual! These two VERY USED, highlighted Holy Bibles with hundreds of notes inside were used on Weekend Workouts, classes, and for private use by Sifu Goodwin, Sr. The Holy Spirit inspired great learning to realize, apply, & define in our daily lives. 198539104 198539107 Practicing rooting on a 350' cliff "Up North!" Jeffrey and Kyle perform stancing during a foggy & windy day on the cliffs of the Palisade Head. 198539109 Squaring Off! 198539110 Reading Our Authority... 198539112 198539113 Running Drilling... Jeffrey defined how to run drilling and other sections during Tests! 198539114 A future Sifu! Future Sifu Destiny Chim performs an excellent Round House Kick during One Step Sparring at her Belt Test for 7th Gup Orange Belt. 198539117 Practicing for the Demo!!! Destiny and Jonathan practice a One Step Sparring Technique for a CMA Demo in the next several pictures. 198539118 198539119 198539120 198539121 198539122 Define the Demo! Sifu Jeffrey defines his Tiger Form with a Side Thrust Kick during a CMA Demonstration for the Cambodian Nazarene Church's Annual Fund Raising Event for the Cambodian Community in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. 198539127